Where to grab snags, sweets and justice in Brisbane on voting day | The Gourmand & Gourmet

Where to grab snags, sweets and justice in Brisbane on voting day

When it doubt, whip it out (and, idk, egg someone with it).

We are of course talking about Democracy Sausage – Australia’s homegrown guide to surviving the Federal Election (because our government is an actual joke (just like climate change, APPARENTLY) and we are all doomed *smiles but screams through eyes*).

If there’s one thing that tickles us more than sending Pauline Hanson an anonymous halal snack pack every week for the rest of her life, it’s lining up to vote in the next disappointments in power with a snag in hand and a VB in the other (some voting locations are promising cold drinks soooo…).

Thanks to the good eggs at Democracy Sausage, hunting down your nearest school slinging bacon rolls and brownies is easier than securing a prime minster for a full term (I have bags of rice that have lasted longer – please welcome your new non-cooked overlord).

To mask the bleakness of reality, we’ve rounded up a list of Brisbane’s best voting day eats and treats and where you can get them on Saturday, May 18. Ready your standing shoes, dip into your retirement fund (because at this rate you’re never going to get to enjoy it when you’re supposed to), and, for the love of Australia… make your vote count.


Newmarket State School will have a stall running to support their sweet little school! Head down to grab bacon rolls (no egg, big lol), snags aplenty and cakes from the bake stall. They’ll even be selling toys if your clueless 18 year old mate wants to have a play, because young voters are a “problem”, right Michael?


Pray for a better future and head to Toowong Uniting Church, where proceeds from each stall will go to not-for-profit Outback Futures. The sauso sizzle will also cook up vegan snags, and the bake sale gluten-free goods, ensuring that everyone has a fun morning out. Celebrate the budget surplus, come on!


St Sebastian’s School embraces the egg, meaning you’ll find it in a cheeky breakfast roll. We’re stoked for Bazzo’s offerings as hamburgers are up for grabs, as well as coffee, baked goods, and yes, snags. You’ll be helping raise money for new student equipment, so please do… kids are the only hope we’ve got.

Mount Gravatt

Yeah there’s eats, but there’s also PLANTS! Mt Gravatt State School will have a budding plant stall where you can grab a fiddle leaf fig as you weep gently at the sight of someone biting into a snag side on.


A humble sausage sizzle is going to help get little ones from Coorparoo State School to Canberra for the worst trip of their lives… help make that happen.

Whatever happens, don’t blame me — I voted for Kodos.

Words by Nicole Portacha
- the gourmand twirling towards freedom