Dello Mano brings its gooey brownie goodness to the CBD | The Gourmand & Gourmet

Dello Mano brings its gooey brownie goodness to the CBD

You’re sitting at your desk and the clock is nudging 3pm and all of a sudden it hits… the afternoon munchies. You could venture into the office kitchen and pore through the communal fruit basket for an almost-sorta-ripe nibble. Or you could go down to the local convenience store and grab a stock standard chocolate bar. But the new Dello Mano store in Tatts Arcade in the CBD has other, irresistible ideas on how to scratch that sweet, sweet itch. That’s right, the brownies that have been enjoyed by celebrities and countless dignitaries across the world has landed a shopfront right in the middle of Brisbane city to satisfy all your work-week sugar rush cravings. Because treat yo’ self. The official opening of the newest temple of tasty treats was oozing with enough chocolatey concoctions to satisfy even the sweetest tooth. Forget standard chocolate brownies (actually don’t forget them, they’re goddamn delicious), and get your mitts on a raspberry or hazelnut little square of cocoa heaven. Or, if you fancy a bit of a caffeine kick, you could indulge in a coffee infused creation. And the glass cabinets surrounding the counters are always choc-full of choc-filled pastries, tarts and cakes dripping with crazy sweet infusions. Golden Gaytime cake anyone? dello mano 2 But the piece de chocolatey resistance on a frosty winter night has to be Dello Mano’s signature adults-only hot chocolate, with an alcoholic kick that goes down just a little TOO easily. The shop, with its funky pendant lighting, gilded wallpaper walls lined with vintage shelves, is almost as sumptuous as the desserts it houses. Talk about fancy pants! And among all the eye candy sits the story of Dello Mano, with blackboards telling of their humble handmade beginnings, devastation at the hands of the Brisbane floods, their rebuilding of their Teneriffe flagship and their new city chapter. And on behalf of city dwellers in tall office buildings all over the CBD, we say THANK YOU to Dello Mano for bringing these marvellous morsels to our munchie-loving lips. Although our hips may not stay the same. But… maybe if we just have one. Every day. Forever. Words by Elizabeth Best