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Deliveroo Top Picks: What holds its integrity

Let’s be real, people. We’ve all cradled takeaway food in our laps like we would our first-born child. We’ve all barked at the driver to ‘take it easy’ around corners to ensure the safety of our precious cargo. And we’ve all opened a takeaway bag to find a mish-mash of half-cold, deconstructed food staring back at us. If you’re anything like us, you then proceeded to breathe a fire of hanger-induced rage all over anyone in the nearby vicinity. Once again, Jenny, we’re sorry for the pizza tantrum of ’09. Here’s where Deliveroo steps in, carting our favourite restaurant goodies straight to our door. Removing the necessity for pants and stressful takeaway trips home? Yeah, we can hop onboard. We’ve tasted our way through the best delivery menus in Brisbane (all in the name of science, of course) and discovered the top eats to enjoy on the couch. Yiros  Kebabs, we need to talk. We love you a whole lot when our bodies are like 80% gin and we can’t even pretend to remember how to use cutlery. Not gonna lie, we’d probably sell our car for you. The rest of the time, it’s hard not to notice that our food is already falling apart when it arrives at the counter. Soz. Swap soggy bread for fluffy yiros with slow cooked lamb from The Yiros Shop for the perfect delivery food. Burgers   Drive throughs, eat your heart out. Here’s the thing we’ve bun dreaming of since mum got stuck in traffic and showed up with unhappy meals. Forget cold fries, soggy buns, and the petrifying alternative (cooking ourselves) – Brisbane’s top burgers are hitting the road. Solve hangovers with The Burger Project’s Bacon Project or beef up your after-work plans with an order from Fritzenberger – all from the comfort of your couch. Pizza  Sure, it’s not as trendy as sushi burritos or Buddha bowls topped in edible flowers, but pizza was making the delivery rounds before most Insta foodies were in daycare – and for good reason. Loaded with everything from prosciutto, parmigiano, crumbled Persian feta, and field mushrooms, the pizzas from spots like Pizzeria Violetta and Corbett and Claude will have you going back to basics – this one’s a tried and true delivery winner. Ribs Here’s a saucy tip for your next ribs binge: the server can’t judge you for ordering three kilos to yourself if they never meet you. Over-order to your heart’s content: we’ve over-ordered from Ribs & Rumps more times than we care to (calorie) count, and we’ve never had a bone to pick. Ditch the steak for baby back pork ribs smothered in BBQ sauce and book Deliveroo in for a weekly meating. Pasta  If you’re like us, no one wants to be there when your hunger moves pasta point of no return. Keep the hanger to yourself and minimise human interaction until the food arrives – Deliveroo will cart bowlfuls of Spaghetti House’s slow cooked pork and beef bolognese and creamy carbonara to your door, piping hot and cooked to perfection. Vietnamese  If you’ve ever tried to move pho in a car (not a souper fun time, FYI), you’ll know why opting for Deliveroo is a good move. Leave the soggy nachos and burritos behind for fresh Viet flavours. District 1 offers up delivered dishes of roast peking duck and hoisin rice paper rolls and vermicelli noodle salads that arrive in fab condition, every time. Salads Don’t listen to the fitness freaks: you don’t need to jog 5k before brunch to stay healthy. Veg out (and veg up) with the salads at Charlie’s Raw Squeeze. Freshly made and packed with every goodie under the sun (think quinoa, kale, goji berries, and hummus), you’ll never have to stress over cold chips again – and the calories you save equate to guilt-free time on the couch. We delivered the goods – now grab the goods delivered. Words by Samantha Chariton