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Darling & Co now serving brekkie erry' day

How good is breakfast? If you’re telling us that you’ve never subbed your standard dinner for a plate of bacon and eggs - or cereal - you’re lying.

No matter what your lifestyle choices are, we can all agree on one thing: brekky is too legit to quit.

Paddington’s staple eatery, Darling & Co, must be pretty aware of this news, as they’ve now extended their breakfast menu to span for the whole seven days that consist our week.

This pleases us a waffle lot. The weekday menu is an ever so slightly shortened version of the epic weekend menu, but it’s still got girth. If you’re trying to find an excuse to skip your 7am barre class, or need some food-based happiness to make it through another day at the office, get your hands around some buttermilk waffles with whipped mascarpone, strawberries, coconut and maple syrup. If that doesn’t comfort you, we don’t know what will. Darling & Co Breakfast

If you’re more of a weekend bruncher, Darling & Co will reward you for actually making it out of bed and venturing outside (yes, we’re all proud of you).

They’ve upped their game with even more weekend additions, including sweet corn fritters with smashed avo, tomato, chilli and coriander, as well as Fraser Coast spanner crab omelettes with green papaya, coriander and chilli. Of course, tonnes of classic faves are still up and running – and totally satisfying– so all you eggs benny lovin’, green bowl feasting foodies needn’t fear.

Get used to this handsome menu shift, because from now on that’s the way it’s gonna be, little darlin’.   

Words by Nicole Portacha