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Cutting edge eats at Crafty Cuts  

In a world where we now serve ice cream wrapped in fairy floss, cookie dough in waffle cones and coffee in hollowed out avocados – can food really get any more cutting edge?

Well, get ready to have your hipster pineapple socks knocked off as Wintergarden welcomes a new foodie destination to their already stellar repertoire – Crafty Cuts.

Alongside Mexican master Guzman y Gomez and awesome Asian at Hokka Hokka, Sydney favourite Crafty Cuts is bringing perfect protein platters and scrumptious sandwiches to Brisbane’s CBD. They may be inferior in terms of rugby league, but our southern neighbours take the cards when it comes to creating the juiciest, crispiest, crunchiest and most delicious meaty concoctions outside of New York itself.

Roasted, smoked and marinated meats carved to order, paired with punchy sauces, fresh salads and layered atop crunchy sourdough – it’s should almost be illegal to serve something so seductive in public.

The sandwich menu features some of the classics, including a reuben (for the uninitiated that’s tender smoked brisket, smothered in sauerkraut, mustard, Swiss cheese and pickles) and everyone’s favourite pulled pork – served with crunchy crackling and sweet apple chutney. But these guys aren’t just your standard sandwich servants – they cater to everyone with vegetarian options like the avocado rueben and sweet potato sanga.

Crafty Cuts also serves up platters of their tender meats which can be consumed on their own, paired with sides like sweet potato fries and seasonal salads, or taken home to impress your mother-in-law with your “slow cooking skills”. Or indulge in the falafel plate – made from a traditional Middle Eastern recipe and fried to golden goodness.

We think it’s about time the wonder white era came to an end and #sandwichgoals became the new #relationshipgoals. So roll into Crafty Cuts to turn your lunch from blah to B.L.T.

Words by Michelle Heenan

Words by Michelle Heenan