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Creative Brisbane breakfasts that aren't just bacon and eggs

While we may never grow tired of our Brisbane breakfast favourites like the eggs benny and pancake stacks that call our name on a Sunday morning, we’re always more than a little tempted by creative menu options that sound like nothing we’ve ever brunched on before. Whether it’s a new and inventive way to sneak bacon onto our plate or a dinner dish turned morning delight (breakfast carbonara, we’re looking at you), there’s something about these brekkies that makes us want to turn brunch into an adventure. Crackling pork | Belaroma Centre | Stones Corner Pork crackling for breakfast. Need we say more? This hidden gem serves up one ‘cracker’ of a brunch plate, with BBQ pulled pork piled on sweet potato, fennel and apple bread with a corn and avocado salsa. And that crispy pork crackling of course, the crunch of which can be heard for miles. Beef and jalapeño croquettes | Ginger & Green | South Brisbane They had us at jalapeño. And croquettes. And bacon jam. Ok, we just want all of it, especially the cheesy beef and jalepeno croquettes. Ginger & Green definitely know what we like to see on a breakfast menu, and there’s more than one creative option to sit down to. Crispy potato skins for brekky, anyone? Sweet eggs & soldiers | Delfina’s Bistro | Fortitude Valley Dip a crispy cristoli soldier into these creative ‘eggs’ and you’ll find yourself with a mouthful of sweet coconut and mango custardy goodness. Not a sweet tooth? The pulled pork pot pie or sweet potato gnocchi is just as creative – and just as delicious. Okonomiyaki | Mizu | Teneriffe Who doesn’t love pancakes on a Sunday morning? Well while we will always have a special place in our hearts for maple syrup, Mizu’s pancakes are something a bit more out of the ordinary. Up your breakfast or brunch game with their Japanese style seafood pancakes, topped with okonomi sauce, mayonnaise, seaweed and pickled ginger. Not your average brisbane breakfast feature Breakfast carbonara | Morning After | West End Pasta for breakfast? Uh, yes please! Especially if it’s Morning After’s pappardelle pasta with eggs, field mushrooms, Italian cured pork and sheep’s cheese! Italians might be turning in their grave – but we know where to get our next hangover cure. Black pudding | Gerard’s Bistro | Fortitude Valley If you don’t know what black pudding and manchengo custard are, you may be expecting a sweet dish, but you’re in for a surprise of the savoury kind. Rich sausage and cheesy custard are artfully arranged with flamed grapes and smoked almonds, for a morning meal that will leave you hungry for more. Cheddar hush puppies | Republic Coffee Co | East Brisbane Crispy on outside, fluffy on the inside – Republic Coffee Co knows just how we like our carbs. They even mix up their cheddar hush puppies month to month, pairing them with everything from gooey poached eggs and fennel salsa to summer beans. Breakfast nachos | Suburban | West End Suburban’s breakfast nachos make us supremely happy. Why? Well wouldn’t you be happy if you had curly fries, spicy mince, eggs AND hollandaise sauce for breakfast? Yeah, we thought so. Better than any 5am boot camp, we say. Aussie Asian Eggs| Billy Kart Kitchen | West End Prawns for breakfast? Billykart, you make us want to be so very shellfish when it comes to brunch. This dish has it all, from a deep fried egg to crisp tiger prawns and let’s not forget the bacon, oyster sauce, chilli and shizu cress thrown in for good measure! So be brave and skip ordering the usual next time you’re brunching, we promise you won’t regret it. Words by Kate Streader