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Crab Feast launches at Nantucket Kitchen & Bar

Tuesday routine: wake, food, work, food, bed. Sound familiar? We certainly think so. The same idle Tuesday appears every week, with nothing to look forward to but instant coffee and the hope of Wednesday drinks. Not even dinner time can lift our spirits (the Tuesday feed is no swanky 4-course dinner). It’s a ‘fine, I’ll boil some pasta,’ night. It’s a ‘not quite wine-o-clock’ night. In fact, are they any better than Mondays at all? We’ll let you in on a secret: your Tuesdays nights are about to be off the scale. From Indooroopilly’s favourite Cape Cod kitchen, we introduce you to the best mid-week meal in town: Nantucket Kitchen & Bar’s Tuesday Crab Feast. This tasty oppor-tuna-ty kicks off on Tuesday the 7th of October and every Tuesday thereafter from 5:30pm. It all starts with entrees of hearty crab Rangoon, succulent American/Chinese dumplings with a crisp exterior and a hot, creamy crab concoction on the inside, followed by NKB’s infamous crab cakes and a helping of seasoned calamari. These appetizing bites will definitely win your seal of approval. As the evening flows on, and your food baby develops, you’ll be treated to a choice of American or Asian style crab served with a luscious green salad. All the while you’ll be sipping on top notch Craggy Range wines. Of course, one is able to order off the a la carte menu on the night, but why would you with this range of delicious crustacean meals available? Enquire here to book your seats and avoid Tuesday humdrum. The feast is $59 for adults and $19 for the young’uns (under 12s – not just the shorties). Sea you at NKB. Words by Julia Hulbert