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Sundays are sorted thanks to Corona Sunset Sessions

The end of February marks the official end of summer, but c’mon, this is Brisbane, so we all know that the warm weather isn’t going away any time soon.

The promise of more sunny days means that we’re still searching for the perfect way to end our week with chill vibes, good food and cold beer, and thankfully, Riverbar & Kitchen have found the solution for us.

Starting February 24th and continuing every Sunday until March 31st, Eagle Street’s Riverbar & Kitchen is raising a glass to the never-ending Queensland summer with their Corona Sunset Sessions.

Proudly proclaiming to be the best beer garden in Brisbane, Riverbar’s locale provides the perfect atmosphere to kick back and enjoy the cool breeze as the sun slowly disappears behind the best scenery that Bris has to offer.

Joining you will be their brand new Corona Sunsets Sessions menu featuring the likes of BBQ pulled pork, fried chicken and fish tacos and, of course, enough icy cold Coronas to keep you chilled throughout the entire week.


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Words by Josh Schultz
- the gourmand who soothes his sunburn with fine, imported beer