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Coot-tha's Summit Restaurant celebrates the big three-zero

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If you haven’t visited Brisbane’s iconic and scenic Mt. Coot-tha, you should be slapped repeatedly. It has been a popular and favourite destination for over a century, with sights that would take your breath away whether it be day or night. The Summit Restaurant at Mt. Coot-tha is about to reach the ripe age of 30 (not saying that’s too old or anything, but a solid effort!) and it’s nearly time to celebrate with food, drinks, food, people, food, beautiful views, and did we mention food? In its 30 years, the Lookout has been lucky enough to see over 3,000 wedding receptions with even some of the staff members tying the knot at this gorgeous location. The restaurant accommodates everyone, from the fancy old ladies who would like nothing more than a high tea, to the ‘bush-whacking’ Australians hungry for a slab of meat, to the vege lovers who crave a fresh salad and something less hearty. And for the chilled out locals who want nothing more than a light bite and drink, you are more than welcome to take a seat out on the open decks to enjoy the scenery. So come celebrate this monumental occasion for Mt. Coot-tha; whoever you are, whatever you eat, however you dine… it will be a sight for sore eyes!