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Brisbane's best cooking classes: our top picks

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Cooking Classes Brisbane

Since at least one member of the G&G almost burns her house down on a semi-regular basis in pursuit of culinary excellence, we usually like to leave the cooking to the experts.

Whether your repertoire is limited to toast and cereal or you’re whipping up insta-worthy three-course meals every second night, there’s a cooking class for everyone to try.

Every now and again we get it in our heads that we might actually be Australia’s next Masterchef, so off to cooking school we go!


From sourdough to soufflés, Golden Pig has a class and a cuisine for every occasion. Taught by husband/wife/executive chef team Katrina and Mark Ryan, you’ll be a kitchen wiz before the entrees have been served. Master modern Greek or froth over French bistro cuisine, salivate over seafood dishes and perfect pastry – you’ll be holding that Masterchef trophy above your head before you know it!


Finally invited that Tinder cutie over for dinner but your currently specialty is beans on toast? Don’t order Uber Eats just yet, because Hundred Acre Bar is here to help. Hosting cooking classes each month with different themes, their classes will not only equip you with impressive skills, but you’ll also get to enjoy ‘an abundance of food and drink.’ That’s both a direct quote and our favourite amount of food.


This Brisbane institution has been teaching the kitchen-challenged for the better part of 12 years. The small classes are taught by qualified chefs and encourage you to get your hands dirty! Get messy with classes like Indian and BBQ, and tuck in afterwards over a couple of glasses of wine. Bliss!


Do you think you can can? We didn’t until we met the ray of sunshine that is Nims and learnt about the joys of fermentation. The only time you’ll want to be in a pretty pickle is at Jam Pantry’s awesome kombucha classes, where one will brew, flavour, carbonate and repeat to end up with 2 litres of the stuff to take home and enjoy!


With a delicious line up of courses that are all about making cooking less intimidating and a whole lot more fun, Vanilla Zulu can do everything from making sure your next dinner party wins you a round of applause to teaching you professional chef skills for that MKR audition you’re planning! Get hands-on learning how to whip up exotic international feeds, or turn your future meals into masterpieces with a lesson in ‘culinary bling.’


Wish you could recreate your favourite Thai takeaway at home? We can’t promise you’ll be a pro, but you might save yourself a few plastic containers if you book in for one of My Thai Kitchen’s spicy classes. You’ll get to make every recipe yourself (and eat it, of course), with the expert advice of Chef Taya to guide you every step of the way. Just remember our top bit of advice when you head to one of the best cooking classes Brisbane has to offer: you can never have too much butter.


Don’t miss out on Gelato Messina, whose regular gelato appreciation classes in South Brisbane always promise a melt-worthy time! Step in for a part gelato-making, part science, part degustation at which teachers will guide you through a multitude of flavours as well as how to make the perfect creamy base for your next gelato or sorbet.

What will you be plating up next?

Words by Emma Callaghan and Jessimin Horder
- the gourmands putting their fruit ninja skills to practical use.