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Cooking Classes Brisbane

Since at least one member of the G&G almost burns their house down on a semi-regular basis in pursuit of culinary excellence, we usually like to leave the cooking to the experts.

Whether your repertoire is limited to toast and cereal or you’re whipping up Insta-worthy three-course meals every second night, there’s a cooking class for everyone to try.

Every now and again we get it in our heads that we might actually be Australia’s next Masterchef, so off to cooking school we go!


From sourdough to soufflés, Golden Pig has a class and a cuisine for every occasion. Taught by husband/wife/executive chef team Katrina and Mark Ryan, you’ll be a kitchen wiz before the entrees have been served. Master modern Greek or froth over French bistro cuisine, salivate over seafood dishes and perfect pastry – you’ll be holding that Masterchef trophy above your head before you know it!


Finally invited that Tinder cutie over for dinner but your currently specialty is beans on toast? Don’t order Uber Eats just yet, because Hundred Acre Bar is here to help. Hosting cooking classes each month with different themes, their classes will not only equip you with impressive skills, but you’ll also get to enjoy ‘an abundance of food and drink.’ That’s both a direct quote and our favourite amount of food.


With a delicious line up of courses that are all about making cooking less intimidating and a whole lot more fun, Vanilla Zulu can do everything from making sure your next dinner party wins you a round of applause to teaching you professional chef skills for that MKR audition! Get hands-on learning how to whip up exotic international feeds, or turn your future meals into masterpieces with a lesson in ‘culinary bling.’


Wish you could recreate your favourite Thai takeaway at home? We can’t promise you’ll be a pro, but you might save yourself a few plastic containers if you book in for one of My Thai Kitchen’s spicy classes. You’ll get to make every recipe yourself (and eat it, of course), with the expert advice of Chef Taya to guide you every step of the way. 


Don’t miss out on Gelato Messina, whose regular gelato appreciation classes in South Brisbane always promise a melt-worthy time! Step in for a part gelato-making, part science class, part degustation at which teachers will guide you through a multitude of flavours as well as how to make the perfect creamy base for your next gelato or sorbet.


With an ever-expanding product range of handcrafted Parisian-inspired, grown-up chocolate and confectionery, New Farm Confectionery not only promises to satisfy your sweet needs, but also offers a range of hands-on workshops for you to get a little messy. Let that imagination of yours come to life in the chocolate bar making workshop or make your all chocolate dreams come true by spending two intensive hours tasting ten different types of chocolate from around the world. Whatever workshop you choose, you’re guaranteed to be walking away with a wealth of new knowledge, a sugar high and a bag of goodies to take home (if they get that far that is, we somehow doubt it!).


We cannot think of a better place to learn to grill to perfection than at Brisbane’s worst vegetarian restaurant (aka The Norman Hotel) by one of the Norman grill masters. Held fortnightly on Tuesday evenings and Saturdays once a month, refine your skills at The Norman Hotel’s Mastersteak BBQ cooking class. A popular gift for your carnivorous loved one, the class includes two hours of cooking and drinking, plus a Norman Hotel ‘Brisbane’s Worst Vegetarian Restaurant’ chef apron to take home and wear whilst grilling the perfect steak.   


Turn your next dinner party or family barbeque into a festive and multicultural affair by learning a range of fragrant, unique and delicious dishes from across the Middle East at Mecca Bah’s ultimate Middle Eastern cooking class. The restaurant’s chef will take you through the various dishes step by step, sharing his tips and tricks for mastering this incredible cuisine along the way. After you finish cooking up a feast, prepare to sit down as a group to enjoy your creations over a couple of drinks. 


Do you have eager little chefs at home? Well, Come and Cook is where to bring them, offering a range of fun kid’s cooking classes, where core practical cooking skills are taught, and creativity encouraged. Students of all abilities are welcomed and can be catered for, whether inquisitive cooks, creative minds, beginners or even fussy eaters.


Angelo’s Pasta is a multi-award-winning family-owned company that has been producing authentic quality pasta in Brisbane since 1968, and over that time has deservingly earned a reputation as the preferred brand of pasta amongst chefs and consumers alike. So, if you’re looking to learn the secrets of home-made pasta, then join Donna, Angelo’s daughter and dubbed the ‘pasta princess’, and learn how to make pasta the authentic Italian way in one of the hands-on pasta classes offered.

What will you be plating up next?

Words by Emma Callaghan and Jessimin Horder
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