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Conquer Hunger at Southpoint

Look, we’re sure meal prep is great. We’re sure spending an entire Sunday steaming chicken and chopping broccoli is a real blast for some – but not in our office.

If you’ve been looking for something new to get you through the 9-5, or somewhere to grab a quick bite away from the weekend riverside bustle, look no further than the newest foodie precinct to hit the south side – Southpoint South Bank

Monday | Mrs Luu’s Vietnamese Canteen

Want to start your week off right? Head straight to Mrs Luu’s. Put your money where your mouth is and treat yo’self to a 3 little piggies banh mi with BBQ pork, viet porchetta, pickled carrots and daikon – that stale PB sandwich you were going to bring has nothing on this. Trying to stick to that diet resolution you made Sunday night half way through pizza? Keep it light and fresh with a tofu rice noodle salad with lettuce, cucumber, mint and beansprouts. 

Tuesday | Ariake on Grey

Mix it up Tuesday – and choose sushi! Ariake on Grey is your one stop shop for Japanese cuisine. There’s sushi, sashimi, yakitori and noodles, as well as crowd pleasers like bubble tea and fish n chips. Ram down some ramen on your lunch break or sink your teeth into some sashimi – doesn’t that sound better than tinned soup? 

Wednesday | Pourboy

Morning meeting or just celebrating hump day? Shake up your routine and veto the office brekky of coffee pods and vegemite toast for something a lot more satisfying at Pourboy. Beat the heat with a cold press or chilled filter coffee or spice it up with lemongrass and ginger tea bircher. Ease yourself into your morning with slow roasted field mushrooms on sourdough or the corn and jalapeno waffles (with just the right amount of kick to keep you buzzing). 

Thursday | Pantry on Grey

Had great aspirations to go grocery shopping last night? If it’s suddenly 8am Thursday and you’ve snoozed through your window – fear not. Whether you snatch a sneaky pre-made salad (hello healthspo), ingredients to make a tasty gourmet wrap or all the fixings for a lunchtime picnic – Pantry on Grey has all the gourmet goodies to get you through the day. 

Friday | Burger Project

It is Friday my dudes, and if you took thirsty Thursday a little too far, there’s a good chance that you’ll be hangry for a burger – especially when it’s one of Neil Perry’s gourmet creations. Whether you like to keep it classic with beef, pickles and tomato or get sassy and add crumbed confit mushrooms and special sauce, there’s burger for everyone at Burger Project. Add a side of fries with chipotle chilli salt and a cheeky salted caramel thick shake (or a ginger beer for those feeling on the seedy side) and Friday is set.

Feeling like you’ve made a full recovery by the afternoon? Let your hair down with a cheeky bev at our fave new Queenslander-turned-party-house, Little Big House.

Wine time? Head back to Pourboy , which converts to a casual-chic wine bar on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. So throw the scales out the window and embrace the good life, we’re right with you.  

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Words by Words by Emma Callaghan
- the gourmand who ALWAYS forgets her lunch.