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Comforting gourmet dinners to take home and eat in your snuggie

It’s the same every year, storm season comes along and all of a sudden all that outdoor seating Brisbane restaurants are so fond of doesn’t sound so appealing. The prospect of getting out of your trackie-dacks to head out for dinner isn’t so tempting either, no matter how hungry you are. Well there’s no need to resort to the drive-through, vegemite on toast or Thai take-away (for the third time this week) just yet, because we have a list of gourmet dinners you can take home to throw in the oven and eat on the couch, all tucked up in your snuggie and watching telly without having to lift a finger (well, except to turn on the oven, and maybe grab a fork). Jocelyn’s Provisions | New Farm Jocelyn’s Provisions will provide you with a full three course meal if you’re so inclined, with artisan soups and sides to partner with fancy mains like chicken cacciatore, slow cooked lamb with kale and white beans or braised duck with bacon and beans. Plus a whole selection of cakes, slices and cookies to choose from for dessert. A la carte dining on the couch. Paleo Café | Paddington, CBD & North Lakes TV dinners can be clean and nutritious if you pick them up from the Paleo Café. Paleo meals like vegetable frittatas, bolognaise and curries, all gluten-free, dairy free and guaranteed to be healthier for you than Chinese takeaway, are stocked up in their freezers. Microwave and eat them straight away or pop them in the freezer for another night of laziness. La Loopa Café | Ascot This cute little café on Racecourse Road is a hidden gem of take-away meals to enjoy at home and pass off as your own cooking. Thai fish cakes are their scrumptious specialty but pork and veal meatballs, lasagnes and Turkish burek (filo pastry filled with spicy beef and harissa) along with loads of gourmet sauces and relishes to dollop on top, are also worth risking discovery to claim they are all thanks to your kitchen talent. Pasta Pantry | Rosalie Pasta Pantry’s cabinet of deliciousness is always full of so many good looking choices, it usually takes us twenty minutes of ‘I’ll have, no wait, I don’t know, ummm, just give me another minute’ to pick. Their pumpkin ravioli with Napoli sauce is spot on and the spinach and ricotta lasagne tastes just like mum used to make. If you feel a summer flu coming on, their hearty chicken and leek soup is just what the doctor ordered. Botanica | Red Hill Yes, it’s all salad at Botanica and vegetarian salad at that, but stormy weather is no excuse to stop eating your greens. It’s not all kale and beetroot, they have a spicy brown rice salad full of colourful vegetables that will appease the hangriest of appetites and a broccoli salad with cashew cream so amazing that it convinces even regulars like us that it’s a creamy pasta dish in disguise. Pamela’s Pantry | Petrie Terrace Pamela’s family sized chicken, beef steak or vegetable pies, with flavoursome insides and a soft, flaky crust that doesn’t disappear during reheating in the oven, are big enough to feed a whole houseful of lazy chefs, with sides like potato bake and green peas to accompany them. Bread and butter pudding will fill up any still-hungry couch inhabitants. Togninis | Milton & Spring Hill Tognini’s knows just what a rainy day calls for. Their pea and ham or spiced sweet potato soups, chicken and veal cannelloni or separate pastas and sauces that take all of five minutes to heat on the stove are always couch ready. We usually can’t go past the Il Locale woodfired pizzas, all packaged up and ready to throw in the oven for a gourmet pizza at home (you will never order Domino’s again). So let the local Indian place have time to forget your name and regular order, these guys have dinner covered until it’s dry enough to leave the house again. Words by Ranyhyn Akui