Comfort food at its finest at Lennons

Comfort food at its finest at Lennons

Winter may be passing, but our unconditional love for comfort food never will. The name says it all – eating comfort food is seriously satisfying – but that doesn’t stop the occasional spurt of guilt and regret from settling in after your fourth muffin.

The question here is, would you still feel guilty if something was labelled as gourmet comfort food? No, neither would we. Lennon’s Restaurant and Bar is Queen Street’s go-to for gourmet comfort food with a twist, bringing simple, honest-to-goodness flavours of the regions freshest produce right to your table. The twist? The eats on offer are comforting, yet won’t interfere with your bikini season goals (yesss). Lennons Restaurant and Bar entree

Lennon’s is the official restaurant of Next Hotel, a modern and on-trend home away from home overlooking the heart of the CBD. If your ideal restaurant is one that looks as good as every dish coming out left, right and centre, you’ll be one happy camper.

The seemingly endless menu offerings are mostly Australian inspired dishes, with a gorgeous Brazilian Parrilla used to add a unique touch to a number of flavoursome mains, like their signature Tomahauk or 3kg whole baby milk fed lamb. Lennons Restaurant & Bar steak

Let’s just say right now you can order a fresh, warm cob loaf with ricotta, lemon and maple bacon. They clearly took ‘how to nail a starter 101’ at uni.

If your excitement didn’t just peak, it’s about to. Other irresistible dishes include a twice cooked pork belly with baby carrots, parsnip cream and zucchini flower, as well as wild mushroom fettuccine with saffron, soft herbs and provolone. If you want a cheeky side of mac and cheese with maple bacon and parmesan crumb, they got chu fam. Lennons Restaurant & Bar fitout

Ready to test your dessert stomach? With winners like dark chocolate tart with salted caramel, aniseed panna cotta and citrus cheesecake with ginger and lychee pineapple salsa, you’ll want to bring along a few friends so you can share them all. Get your gourmet on at Lennon’s. Lennons Restaurant and Bar cocktails

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Words by Nicole Portacha

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