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Coffee with character comes to the north side

Are you afraid of the Big Bad Wolff? Well, don’t be, because he has coffee, and it’s a smooth brew you definitely want to get friendly with. Just opened in Hendra, Wolff Röst Haus is all about coffee – drinking it, making it, roasting it and basically worshipping its very existence. New headquarters of Wolff Coffee Roasters, as well as the production centre for sister businesses Queen of Pops and Dandelion & Driftwood, the coffee hub is the next chapter in the story of Peter and Penny Wolff. Taking Mr. Wolff’s coffee expertise and pairing it with Mrs. Wolff’s talent for turning a blank space into somewhere you really want to hang out, the Röst Haus is a funky warehouse-come-espresso bar which takes the brand’s fairytale name and runs full tilt ahead with it, complete with a Little Red Riding Hood inspired mural welcoming you into the building. What’s the time Mr. Wolff? Coffee o’clock! Overlooked by the mural is the Big Bad Wolff Espresso Bar, where you can stop in for a single origin or smooth blend coffee brewed on the custom made espresso machine, enjoy a cold and refreshing nitro coffee or tea, or one of Queen of Pops’ specialty coffee pops – which are made right there on site. You can even see it all happening through a window into the Production Kitchen next door. There’s plenty of space to sit and savour your brew if you have time, and pair it with a sweet treat from the counter. Enjoying a good cup of coffee with character is only a small part of the business though, with a serious focus on coffee education throughout. Tucked behind the espresso bar is the Wolff College of Coffee, but there’s no dull math or history taught here! Instead you can learn how to master the craft of coffee, including how to make the perfect cup, the intricate differences between beans from across the world and just how baristas turn foamy milk into works of art. Plans are even afoot to have Wolff’s bean farmers come to visit from their exotic corners of the world, and educate coffee lovers on the ins and outs of growing the perfect cup. The Wolff College of Coffee will host a free cupping forum every second Saturday for those who just want to find their perfect blend, but for those serious about coffee or in training to be a master barista or roaster, there are more advanced courses for them too. All Wolff Coffee beans are roasted on top of the line Probat roasters, packed and shipped out to some 40+ cafes in South East Queensland right there in the warehouse and you can purchase the beans from the Big Bad Wolff Espresso Bar out front, along with plenty of the other doodads required to make the perfect cup. Need a Christmas gift for a coffee-addicted someone? Keep an eye out for Wolff’s Christmas hampers and their fruity Christmas Blend which is making a reappearance soon! If you’re ready to take a stroll into the woods and visit the Wolff Röst Haus, you’ll find them at 140 Gerler Road, Hendra. Big Bad Wolff Espresso Bar
  • Mon – Fri: 7am – 2pm
  • Sat: 8am – 1pm
Wolff Röst Haus roasting from:
  • Mon – Fri: 8am – 4pm
Words by Ranyhyn Akui