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Coffee in a cone

We’ll admit it – missing out on coffee has us growling at coworkers on a good day, so this is more of an office-wide memo: prep for a full-scale meltdown if we don’t have one of these in front of us, pronto. The whole foodie globe has been drooling over coffee in cones for a while now, but with the first brew officially touching down in Oz, we’re sensing a whole latte coffee runs on the horizon. Lucky caffeine fiends in cafes across New South Wales and Victoria have started enjoying coffees in dark chocolate lined waffle cones, crafted by South African barista and mogul Dayne Levinrad. Yep, we could waffle on about that mental image all day. As you sip your coffee, the melty chocolaty goodness (*drool*) mixes in to form the best damn mocha of your life. Forget those years of sad cappuccinos with chocolate powder sticking to the lid; this is the real deal. Bean waiting as impatiently as we have? These coffees are predicted to go nationwide in a matter of months, so say goodbye to office bins packed with coffee cups – it’s crunch time. Words by Samantha Chariton