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Coeliac Australia goes Wilde for gluten-free eats

Gluten-free options are becoming more and more common in menus, but for those with Coeliac disease, it’s less of a lifestyle choice and more of a, “I cannot eat gluten for I will suffer” dietary requirement.

While it can be difficult finding verifiable gluten-free dishes, Coeliac Australia is taking the guesswork out of dining with their national Gluten Free Accreditation program!

Wilde Kitchen, our OG paleo pals, have just become the first in Queensland to meet the requirements for a 100% gluten-free accreditation. Gluten? We don’t know her.

Our Coeliac mates can feast on everything from coconut panna cotta to paleo fried chicken without stress, and with options like protein pancakes, salmon caponata and healthy bowls, you’ll forget you’re eating gluten-free.

Thirsty? Grab a vanilla chai or banana crunch smoothie, a rich cup of coffee, or even a health tonic shot for a health boost.

Paleo Wilde Kitchen a visit.

Words by Sophia Lunn
- The gourmand who loves inclusive eating.