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Cocowhip spiders and Golden Gaytime bowls land in New Farm

With a menu that reads like a childhood afternoon tea fantasy – you’ll find iced vovo, Golden Gaytime and ice cream spider inspired treats here – Mylk + Ko is the newest wholesome health spot to hit New Farm that will have fit foodies and sweet lovers alike flocking to Instagram their fare. The baby of Instagram darling Ines Sholte, who’s pancakes, healthy treats and acai-ting acai bowls have earned her 20,000 Instagram followers, Mylk + Ko is basically the real life version of her Instagram page – and now we can all order the gorgeous dishes we’ve been drooling over for yonks! From the Cocowhip kefir spiders to the raw slices in the cabinet, everything here is seemingly decadent but totally guilt free. Smoothies come with or without protein and with flavours like banana bread, cookie dough, PB&J and cacao fudge, it’s hard to believe they’re good for you and all made on fresh fruit and almond milk! You can even freakshake your smoothie by turning it into a Super Mylkshake with cocowhip and a house made clean treat on top, like the iced vovo number that had our jaw dropping. Acai bowls are another major reason to stop by, with sweet creations that sound less healthy, and more like everything your mother told you not to have for breakfast. You could channel your inner zen and find peace with the berry and spinach Recovery Bowl or go tropical with the mango and pineapple Calypso, but we thoroughly recommend indulging in a guilt free #treatyoself moment and grabbing the Lamington or the Golden Gaytime! All dairy free, gluten free and made to order for pairing with a freshly pressed juice or All Press coffee – and you thought eating healthy was boring! Soon to join the all day menu are a few dishes that are a little more knife and fork worthy, with the likes of red velvet waffles, banana bread splits and few savoury options (despite Ines being a die hard sweet tooth) like waffle nachos. Free range bacon and eggs may even make it on to the menu later down the track, but currently the café is focused on plant-based dished – vegans rejoice! So put on your best active wear and powerwalk down to your newest favourite healthy cafe – your body and your palate will love you for it! You’ll find Mylk & Ko at 1/148 Merthyr Road, New Farm, open 7 days a week  Words by Kat Gridley