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CocoBliss' Love Will Keep You Warm

Being healthy in winter is not easy. That extra 15 minutes that it takes to make a wholesome breakfast or lunch in the morning are replaced with an extra 15 minutes in our tracksuits, snuggled away safely under 5 blankets and assorted pets.

We find ourselves skipping the gym (too cold), getting fast food (just this once!) and excusing those excess kg as winter weight, for warmth. Luckily for our hip pocket – new pants are EXPENSIVE – CocoBliss has our healthy winter warmers sorted, right in the Wintergarden. Need help with those winter worries? Read our guide on how CocoBliss Wintergarden will save your summer body – no exercise required.**

Warm Superfood Bowls

Put down the Coco Pops and nab a Superfood Bowl on your commute to work. Full of wholesome warm oats, fresh banana, apple cinnamon compote and hemp seeds, it’ll keep you warm and full until lunch time.

Vegan Toast Toppers

If sourdough is more up your street, have it smothered in vegan toast toppers. Keep it classic with beetroot hummus and avocado, keep away vampires with garlic mushrooms or sweeten the deal with banana and peanut butter.

Pumpkin & Ginger Soup

Packet soup in the office kitchenette looking a little sad as find your mind drifting to burgers? CocoBliss have a solution that won’t get you in trouble with the PT. Pumpkin and ginger soup – equal parts hearty and healthspo.

Buddha Bowl

With spinach, quinoa, creamy garlic mushrooms, avocado, beetroot hummus and turmeric – the Buddha Bowl from CocoBliss Wintergarden is guaranteed to bowl over any other lunchtime plans. Your body is a temple.

Super Lattes

If you’re looking to warm up those mitts and supercharge your immune system, look no further than the range of Super Lattes. Turmeric, spiced matcha, Reishi Chai and cacao beetroot all brewed on coconut milk.

Skip the drive through and STILL get those 15 minutes of sleep – winter is sorted.

Find CocoBliss in the Wintergarden food court on the lower ground floor.

**you’re still gonna have to work it girl.

Words by Emma Callaghan –
- the gourmand who is petitioning for drive-through CocoBliss