Sip into spring with a zesty cocktail recipe from Montrachet! | The Gourmand & Gourmet

Sip into spring with a zesty cocktail recipe from Montrachet!

We’re living for blood orange season.

Whether you’re a budding mixologist looking to treat Dad this Father’s Day or you’re after a new Friday knock off, we have a recipe for you…

David Blair, group bar manager at Montrachet, MICA Brasserie, Lumiere Events, and King Street Bakery, gave us a little insight into this cocktail, which starts with nothing but the freshest blood oranges.

“Blood oranges are currently in season,” said David. “We are showcasing their stunning flavour and colour in this cocktail–Bloody Chestnuts.”


Blood orange infused gin

Chestnut liqueur

Sweet vermouth

Rhubarb bitters 


Build the cocktail in a mixing glass, and stir down over ice. Pour straight up in a cocktail glass and garnish with blood orange zest. We love adding squeeze of fresh blood orange, too!


David describes Bloody Chestnuts as a perfect springtime sip, and we couldn’t agree more. 

“The cocktail showcases the fantastic flavour of the blood orange, reinforced by the citrus botanicals in the gin and nutty tones from the chestnut. The rhubarb bitters pair well with the sweet vermouth and brings a subtle backbone to the drink without taking the focus away from the blood orange.”

When it comes to refreshing drinks and decadent French fare, Montrachet can’t be beat. Head here to book a table, and taste the magic for yourself…  


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