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Clean up your diet!

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For most, the silly season consists of (over)consuming and (over)indulging in roast turkey with cranberry sauce, fresh seafood, smoked leg ham, fruit pavlova, Christmas pudding and bubbles. It’s a sight that can be easily mistaken as your last meal, and demonstrates your complete lack of self-control. ‘Tis the season to stack up those calories and expand your waistline. But in all honesty, we’ll never pass up this annual feast. So to help us feel less guilty on December 25, we’ll try our best to ‘eat clean’ in the weeks prior. That way we can eat until our stomachs’ burst (the proper G&G Christmas way!). Clean eating is simply consuming food in its most natural state (or as close to it as possible; no one’s perfect). We’ve got a bunch of tips to help you earn that festive blowout: Cut down: Alcohol, salt, saturated fat, refined sugar and grains. Steering clear of any food that has a label is a huge stride in the healthy direction. You don’t need to avoid all packaged foods though; wholegrain pasta, washed spinach leaves and natural yoghurt get the clean eating tick of approval. Eat more: Fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Fill your shopping basket with these whole foods, and buy organic whenever possible. Make nutrient rich and low calorie vegetables the star of your meals, and pair with a protein or starch. Drink more: Stay hydrated by sipping on at least two litres of water throughout the day, and detox with a cup of green tea. Read up on the health benefits on our Focus Feeds Article  Meal preparation: All fitness fanatics swear by meal plans. We’ve all heard the saying: “By failing to prepare, you’re preparing to fail”. So it’s super important to cook your meals from scratch; just make sure they’re balanced by combining protein with carbs to fuel your body. Eat six times a day: Burn calories efficiently and keep your body energised all day long by eating three meals and three small snacks a day. This will increase your metabolism, and help curb your nagging junk food cravings. Portion sizes: There’s no such thing as portion sizes on Christmas day, so just eat within reason now. That’s our plan, anyway!   Words by Lauren Maynard