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Chopsticks at the ready | Fat Dumpling lands on King Street

The satisfying and uplifting feeling you get after a good dumpling is something everyone has experienced at least once in their life.

Whether it was served in a bamboo basket, in a soup filled with steaming meat and vegetables or grilled to crisp perfection and paired with a chilli sauce, dumplings are the satiating morsel of love brought to us from our Asian neighbours.

Setting up on King Street in Bowen Hills, the guys at Fat Dumpling are serving out fresh parcels of perfection on a daily basis. Perched alongside the pasta wizards at Il Verde and burger gods at Super Combo, Fat Dumpling is open for lunch Monday to Friday, and dinner Tuesday to Saturday.

When your credit card has had more of a workout than you during the mid-year sales, have no fear – Fat Dumpling will send you home full of oodles of noodles. Daily lunch specials include dumplings and salad, chicken noodle soup and prawn and egg fried rice ranging from $13 to $15.

Finally, a decent lunch offering that won’t break the bank!  As the sun goes down, dawn the stretchy pants and come gorge yourself on the “Fat Dumpling Banquet” for only $26 per person.

Featuring spring rolls, chicken skewers, salads and of course their namesake “Fat Dumplings” in both the steamed and pan-fried variety served with your drink of choice, it’s a hard deal to pass up at that price.

The main menu also includes a wide range of vegetarian options, traditional Chinese bites and sweet treats like the peach spring roll and vanilla bean ice cream dessert. But we haven’t even yet told you the best news – Fat. Dumpling. Is. BYO – making it perfect for group dining, or even your next date night.

So if Po from Kung Fu Panda is your spirit animal and you felt empowered when he beat Master Shifu to the final dumpling, then Fat Dumpling is where you belong and where you too can learn the secrets of becoming the Dragon Warrior – or just enjoy juicy, mouth-watering drops of heaven – one or the other. Words by Michelle Heenan   

Words by Michelle Heenan