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Chop Chop Chang's: More than monkey business

Named for the first chimpanzee to be launched into space, pan-Asian restaurant Chop Chop Chang’s means everything but monkey business when it comes to their food. Located in West End’s bustling Boundary Street, their delicious eats are inspired by the flavoursome street food you’ll find in temple stalls and hawker markets all over Asia, with dishes you’ll go bananas for (pun intended). The perfect spot for a group date, Chop Chop Chang’s has plenty of nooks and crannies to set up camp with your crew. You’ve hit the jackpot if you can nab the front alcove table, built in what was once a large bank vault and overlooking the ever-entertaining antics of West End, but pull up a stool at one of the long share style tables throughout and you’ll be just as happy. If you’re going all out on a celebration dinner, their private courtyard is available for bookings all year round. chop-chop-changs-brisbane-restaurants-venue With a menu full of dishes designed to be shared, you’ll find your table wanting to order one of everything. Warning: your eyes will be bigger than your stomach so it’s a safe bet you’re going to leave with a food baby. It’s no secret that we regularly drool over the twice-cooked sticky beef ribs, but you shouldn’t go past the wok-wilted morning glory (not a typo – it’s a vegetable) as a side dish. Greens never tasted so good. The yellow curry of pumpkin also packs a serious punch and the coriander and corn cakes are so moreish you’ll be ordering a second serve before you even finish the first. Top it all off with some delicious coconut ice-cream with sago and a popcorn crunch, or, if you’re trying to get more fruit in your diet, opt for the spiced apple dumplings… that counts right? chop-chop-changs-brisbane-restaurants-2If the sheer size of the menu has you feeling a little overwhelmed, just ask for the Market Feed and get a selection of the chef’s favourite dishes – your belly will thank you. And no need to worry if you have to cater for the dairy-free, gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan of the group – there are plenty of choices to keep them from going hungry (and being way too vocal about it). Gluten-free options like the panang of beef curry with slowly braised beef cheeks, or stir fried Szechuan eggplant with tofu puffs for vegos will keep their mouths stuffed and their appetite sated. All the curry pastes, sauces and other flavour hits used in menu items are made from scratch on site to ensure every scrumptious mouthful is just right and the kitchen team source all their ingredients locally, hitting up the Inala and West End markets each week for fresh produce. Like we needed any more reasons to head in for dinner and drinks of a weekend (did we mention there’s drinks? Hello plum wine!). Open from 11:30am daily, Chop Chop Chang’s can be found at 185 Boundary Street, West End. Hot tip: BYO as many friends as possible so that you can try a variety of dishes. Words by Laura Hutton