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Chocolate Silk Tart with Raspberry Soft Centre & Lavender Brûlée

We double dog dare you to test this one out. Think you can kick ass in the kitchen like Australia’s 2015 Bocuse d’Or contender, Shannon Kellam? CHOCOLAE HAZELNUT MOUSSE 250ml milk 2 x egg yolks 50gr sugar Vanilla bean 8gr gel 480 gr dark chocolate 1300ml cream Hazelnut praline to taste Method Scald milk w vanilla, cream yolks w sugar, make anglaise. Add soft gel, then melted chocolate and hazelnut. Semis whip cream and gently fold. RASPBERRY SOFT CENTRE 200ml raspberry puree or pureed frozen raspberry’s strained 80g sugar 50 ml water 1 x vanilla 1 x bay leaf 1 x star anise 1.7 g agar Method Bring all ingredients except agar to a simmer, let stand for 1/3 hour and strain. Whisk in agar well while mix is room temp and heat slowly to a simmer while stirring Set mix in mould 2.5 x 2.5 cm round or square and freeze LAVENDER Brûlée 140ml pure cream 1 x teasp dried lavender flower 45 g egg yolks 50 g sugar Botrytis (dessert wine) 100ml 2 x vanilla beans ¾ gel leaf – softened in cold water Method Heat cream with scraped vanilla and lavender, almost simmer, remove from stove top and wrap tightly, let stand for ½ hour. Whisk yolks and sugar, pour over strained lavender cream and whisk in wine. Bake in flat tray with baking paper on 130 degrees for around 15 – 20 minutes. The mix should look like it’s a disaster, toasty & split, but all good. Quickly while hot, scrape into food blendr with soft gelamtine and blend to smooth, pour into desired mould to make a size of around 4 x 4 cm square or round, and around 1cm high. Freeze till required. To build In a stainless tart ring, or any mould you desire, ensure bottoms are securely sealed with baking paper, pipe in very thin layer of mousse, press in frozen lavender brule, pipe enough mousse to just cover and press in frozen raspberry, pipe mousse to top and palate knife off with hot water, clean and neat. Freeze and turn out. While still frozen, sift good quality cocoa to evenly and thinly coat or, if you are able to, cocoa spray while frozen. Plate immediately and allow to defrost on the plate, as you don’t want it to move once it is back to in the fridge or room temp. Shannon Kellam