Cheap Eats #9 | Gourmand and Gourmet

Cheap Eats #9

We understand hanger. We understand food envy. We too have stood in front of the fridge staring at that lone can of cat food dreaming of the wicked buffet we dug into just one week past. If you’re low on dough (cookie dough/money, same diff) then we bring you the ninth addition to our cheap eats collection. Students and indulgent foodies alike say hooray! You can eat this week. Fringe Bar | Fortitude Valley There’s nothing like a classic parmy and chips washed down with a cold beer right? This usual pub grub can leave your wallet feeling (surprisingly) a little sore, but Fringe Bar have granted you a small mercy. Say “thank you Fringe Bar.” You can score this classic combo for a neat $16 every Wednesday to Friday. You’re sorted for at least three days now! Eating delicious food without breaking the bank? Priceless. Words by Caitlin Adamson