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Cheap eats #8

Everyone’s feeling the pinch on their wallets at this time of year. Whether it’s because you just had to replace the coffee machine left under an open window during that last summer storm or you spent way to much on your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day (and possibly a second date to make up for a disaster of a first – don’t worry you’re not alone there), we can all unite in joined commiseration over our declining bank balances. Lucky we don’t have to bond over bad food and can instead get a little joy out of some cheap eats. Jade Buddha | Eagle Street Pier Thanks to Jade Buddha, gone are the days of trying to time our hunger and penniless-ness in accordance with a specific night of the week. The Eagle Street Pier bar understands the need for not one, but multiple food specials each week. If Tuesday’s are your weak-day of leftovers or two minute noodles, head over for for a feed with a friend and enjoy $12 buns and beers. That’s 2 tap beers and 2 pork buns for just $12 of couch change! If Thursday’s are your night of desperation, celebrate the weekend early with tapas and a bottle of sparkling for $20. Now, to just figure out what to do the other five nights of the week. Cheap food is a many splendid thing. Words by Tayla Trask