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Cheap eats #7

So you’ve not had the best week with the ole finances. You put a red sock in with your favourite white t-shirt and (obviously) had to buy a new one, you were on your selfie A-game on Saturday night and bought a few too many shots to utilize such an opportunity, and you put your birthday cash in a safe spot that you now can’t seem to locate. You’re not having a winning time. They say the best things in life are free, but food rarely is, so they lied didn’t they? Never fear, cheap eats are here. Liquid Bar | Teneriffe If the expense of red meat has become a thing of the past, it’s time to get a steak special into you. But not the chewy $5 deal at your local pub, the gourmet slab that Liquid Bar are serving in Teneriffe. Every Tuesday you can get a two for one steak deal, perfect for a cheap mid-week wine and dine. Bitter Suite | New Farm When’s the last time you got six slices of something gourmet for $12? And frozen dinners don’t count. If your answer is more than a month, treat yourself to a delicious serving of Bitter Suite’s $12 gourmet pizza on Sunday between 3pm and 6pm. If previous weeks are anything to go by, there’s a honey bacon, fig and goats cheese pizza with your name on it, and a few bucks left over to treat yourself to a cider of your choice. You deserve it. Don’t succumb to hitting the ‘reduced’ section at the supermarket. You’re better than that. Words by Lucille Burkitt