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Cheap Eats #6

You’ve checked under the cushions, turned out your pockets and rattled your wallet until the not-so-glorious sound of silence is ringing in your ears and you’re waiting for the cartoon moths to fly out. Though the holidays are well and truly behind us, the memories are still lingering in the emptiness of our wallets (and bellies). If a $1 loaf of white bread is starting to look like the white light of starvation prevention, do your tastebuds and hanger a favour and budget for these cheap eats instead. The Manhattan Line  | South Bank Thanks to the brand new South Bank hotspot, The Manhattan Line, Sunday sessions for the financially challenged just got a lot easier (and tastier). Every Sunday, The Manhattan Line has a dog and pot special that will get you a pot of ice cold beer and one of their signature gourmet hotdogs for just $15. Following in true American style, these dogs are a little more adventurous than a frank in a bun. Between ‘Chicago Style,’ the ‘Brooklyn Chilli Dog’and ‘The Empire State’ doused in toppings like spicy beef chilli, red peppers, pickles, crispy bacon and house fries, the only tricky part will be choosing between them. We’ll take ours with a side of shoe-string fries thanks! Brewski | Paddington Brewski is serving up Wings and Rings Wednesday, a toe-tapping special that’s as fun to say as it is to eat. To add some variety into your wing laden Wednesday, their special includes 3 wings done 3 ways for a grand total of 9 finger licking good pieces of chicken. But wait, there’s more! This $10 platter of goodness also includes a stack of onion rings and habanero mayo. Not to mention Wednesday nights are also the nights for Beer Nerds Big Wednesday, dedicated to such booze fuelled fun we can’t even tell you about it!  So for a happy way to get through hump day, head on down to Brewski for a cheap eat that’s sure to ruffle your feathers and keep the sound of change ringing in your wallet. Now, slowly back away from the tower of nutritionally unsound bread. Words by Tayla Trask