Cheap eats #49 | The Gourmand & Gourmet

Cheap eats #49

Did those custom lederhosen you ordered for Oktoberfest cost a tad more than you expected? Do you now regret getting your name embroidered on them for that extra $10? Have your October weekends thus far been spent looking fashionable but with no money for good bratwurst and even better beer? Well, we’ve got the best budget feeds in Brisbane so you have a little extra change this week (to spend on beer, of course).
Shady Palms | Greenslopes
It’s time to taco-bout Taco Tuesdays at Shady Palms. Stuff your face with chicken, chorizo, pulled beef, and cauliflower tacos – all for $2 each. Yep, you heard us right – $2. That’s less than what you lose down the black hole next to your car seat. Wrap up your Tuesday by wrapping up a taco – hell, if they’re only two dollars, make it ten.
Soul Bistro | Milton
Don’t tap out of your weekend early just because your wallets a little tight. Soul Bistro is feeding our poor souls and stomachs with their $10 tapas on Sundays. The double cooked pork belly can get straight into our bellies. Add in the crispy fried chicken and satay duck spring rolls and they’ll be rolling us out of the place – still with plenty of change to spend on a sneaky ice cream on the way home. Empty wallets don’t mean empty stomachs. Get eating! Words by Kate Stevens Images by Judit Losh