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Cheap eats #47

Did that hotdog bun costume you bought for your dog on eBay cost more than you thought? Are you now trying to figure out how you’re going to make dinner using only canned tuna from 2007 and your own desperation? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our cheap eats in Brisbane.
Suburban |South Brisbane
The Village People understood the need for an eggs benedict that won’t crack the bank when they said ‘go west’. Suburban West End offer up a poached egg on sourdough bread topped with spinach and hollandaise sauce with your choice of bacon, pulled pork or haloumi for $10. The deal runs Monday to Friday and is available all day, so grabbing eggs benedict for a cheap breakfast and then again for a cheap lunch sounds like a totally valid meal plan to us.
Sichuan Bang Bang | Paddington, Wilston & Kenmore
Get more bang for your buck at Sichuan Bang Bang! On Monday and Tuesday night, they offer $8 steamed dumpling baskets. Anything that comes in the serving size ‘basket’ is good in our books. They also boast delicious margherita pizzas right next door at Pizzeria Violetta for only $10 – so you can get the dough without giving up the dough. Celebrate your newfound savings with beers, wines and spirits – all of which are available for under $8! Save your dollars with our cheap eats! It makes a lot of cents. Words by Kate Stevens Image credit: Breakfast London