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Cheap eats #46

Not quite throwing money around after a less than thrilling dollar amount on your tax return? Perhaps, and we shudder to even think about it, the tax department took all that money and then demanded MORE, needy people that they are. Well don’t worry, they may take your cash but they can never take your appetite, and we’ve got that one covered.
5 Dogs | Fortitude Valley
Buried in the heart of Fortitude Valley, you’ve probably visited 5 Dogs during your best boozy Saturday night. But in the cold light of day these guys are looking out for your cravings and your wallet. A traditional, beef n gravy or chicken n gravy dog with a coke will set you back just $5 before 3pm each day.
Ms Chi Qi | Brisbane
Tucked away in Wintergarden, Ms Chi Qi is keeping the calorie count and the dollar value tantalisingly low. Just $6.90 will score you a banh mi freshly filled with pork, teriyaki chicken, lemongrass chicken, pork patties or a vegetarian filling – and that real adult feeling that comes with managing to feed yourself without resorting to noodles.
You’ll get the tax man on your side next year. Want to see more cheap eats? Check them out here. Words by Jessica Gregory