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Cheap eats #42

The winter chills are officially here and many of us may be spending a little too much time chowing down on the comfort food (like such a thing could be possible!). If you’re finding yourself standing at the supermarket checkout with more carbs than usual this month, you may be looking for a way to cut down on the food bill. Luckily for your savings account, we’ve found two great spots to grab a winter (and budget) friendly feed! La Dolce Vita | Milton Looking for an actual use for that (generally unflattering) student ID sitting in your wallet? Bring it down to La Dolce Vita on Monday and Tuesday nights from 5.30-10.30pm and take care of those early weekday dinners on the cheap. For $20 you’ll get any pizza on the menu and a cold brew to match. Save your dough for those upcoming textbook fees, and chow down on scrumptious slow cooked pork belly with caramelised apple or cheesy pepperoni, onion and black olives. Dumpling Republic | Brisbane Feeling down in the dumplings? We’ve got something to cheer you up! Pop in to the Wintergarden’s Dumpling Republic any Tuesday night for dumplings at just $1 apiece. Yep, you read that right – fistfuls of specialty pork dumplings in exchange for the leftover change in your wallet. With a price like that it’s all we can do not to drop the chopsticks and start stuffing them into our faces five at a time. Come at us, carbs. Words by Samantha Chariton Images by Judit Losh