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Cheap eats #41

Uni exams are the breeding grounds of stress (and stress eating). Over two weeks, thousands of Brisbane students are reduced to puddles on the ground who inhale blocks of chocolate without skipping a beat. If you’ve over-extended the junk food budget (or maybe need a decent meal), we’ve got some cheap eats that will help you recover from the trauma and get you well and truly ready for the holidays. Saccharomyces Beer Café | South Brisbane Saccharomyces (or SBC if it’s a bit of a mouthful after 3 beers) can spare you from the trials of daily ramen binges. Their variety of weekday specials open up the very reasonable question of “why do we need a kitchen, anyway?” Pop in on mac ’n’ cheese Mondays, chilli Tuesdays, or wing Wednesdays to grab the designated meal and a pot of beer for just $10. You’ll get a little something extra on social Thursdays, where the night is dedicated to boards, burgers, and beers. For $15, you’ll get any burger, a pot of beer, and board game action all night long. St Baxter | New Farm St Baxter’s Californian eatery is your excuse to ditch the midweek chores. Wander over to Brunswick Street every Tuesday and Wednesday for a meal of low ’n’ slow BBQ brisket with slaw, chips and homemade BBQ sauce for just $15 with any drink purchase. Pass up those lazy Wednesday night toasties – this meal will win your whole week. There, hanger tantrum avoided. Words by Samantha Chariton