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Cheap eats #40

Being broke and hungry is a recipe for hanger, especially when all your friends are Instagramming and Snapchatting their picture perfect meals whilst you’re inviting yourself to your parents’ house to raid their fridge. Thankfully there is a way you can keep your dignity in tact without sacrificing your snacks or your social life, and we’ve got some pro-tips on how to eat out on a budget. The Yiros Shop | South Bank, Fortitude Valley & Cannon Hill The Yiros Shop know that the struggle of an eat-oholic is real and their Tight Greek Tuesdays are here to answer all your prayers. After 3pm every Tuesday you can visit any of their three locations for a $10 meal deal that will get you a yiros of your choice and a can of drink. The only hard part? Trying to resist spending more of your rent money on their feta topped chips. Khot Thai | Paddington If you’re a bit Thai-ght for cash, take yourself out for lunch at Khot Thai. Not only are all their fresh, flavoursome, fragrant meals like pad Thai and massaman curry all priced between $10 and $15 but the portions are so big that you can take home enough extras for a second meal, no matter hard you try and get through the lot in one go. If you’re up to sharing, take a broke pal with you and the two of you can share a meal (and the bill). Now, start gathering those coins out of your car console. Words by Kate Streader