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Cheap eats #37

One long weekend down and one to go – but you already know that because of the emptiness of your bank account. We live in hope that a public holiday allowance will one day become a thing (how else are we going to afford all the extra brunches and lunches?), but until then, you’re going to need a little help making those last dollars count. Don’t sweat it, we’ve found a few cheap eats to keep you fed while you save some moolah for the weekend – whether you plan to hit the town or just eat a whole lot of gourmet cheese and chocolate while you binge watch Netflix. Navala Churrascaria | CBD Get some exotic fare on your fork for under $20 with Navala Churrascaria’s lunch specials. On Mondays, say yee-ha to a Cowboy’s Lunch Bowl for $10, with a fresh salad piled with your choice of shredded beef rib, maple and cinnamon glazed pork or even cheesy grilled haloumi. The delicious deals continue on Tuesdays with the slow roast of the day for $15, and on Wednesdays when you can grab some wood-fired BBQ skewers and sides for just $13. Then, fill up on Thursdays with a $16 steak and chips. This calls for a samba! Masala Art | Petrie Terrace Want a flavoursome dinner with naan of the hassle of cooking? Head to Masala Art and get their curry special India! For $15, you’ll get any 3 curries, rice, a plain naan, raita and dessert. We know it’s a deal worth getting excited over, but you’re going to have to keep korma – if only just long enough to decide which of their scrumptiously spicy curries you’re going to stuff your face with. What’s that clinking sound? Oh, it’s all the extra change in your pockets! Words by Ranyhyn Akui