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Cheap eats #29

There’s no time of year you need cheap eats more than January. You’ve basically drunk your pay away for three months, forked out for a bundle of Christmas gifts, spent way more on dining out over your holidays than planned and then blew every last cent you had left on a New Year’s Eve bender. But after all the feasting (and boozing), $2 tacos and half-priced pizzas are enough to send you running for the treadmill – before you realize you haven’t darkened the gym’s doors in months and you’d probably last all of 30 seconds on the lowest speed. So in the spirit of January, we’ve found some cheap eats that will leave you feeling lighter but not your wallet. Mrs Luu’s | Milton If you’re yet to make friends with salad, how about wrapping it up in chewy rice paper wraps with tender meats and noodles and dunking it in soy sauce? Six measly dollars (spare change really) is all you need to get two of Mrs Luu’s supersized rice paper rolls stuffed with prawns, BBQ pork, chicken, tofu or even omelette. And as long as you don’t add a serve of spring rolls to your order, your waistline will be safe. Botanica | Red Hill $11 is all it takes to get yourself a box so crammed full with delicious salads that it will last you two lunch times instead of one. If you need some help with the maths, that works out to $5.50 a meal – a bargain if we ever ate one. Our tip? Opt for the scrumptiously filling baby pea and potato salad drizzled in tahini dressing and freekah with roasted eggplants, almonds and turmeric spiced cashew cream – they’re so hearty you won’t even miss the meat. With these cheap eats in Brisbane to be had, you might just be able to avoid the junk food for a little longer! Words by Ranyhyn Akui