Cheap Eats #26 | The Gourmand & Gourmet

Cheap Eats #26

Got a bit carried away putting a few bets on for Melbourne Cup and somehow staked (and lost) half a weeks pay on a horse just because it had a quirky name? (Who Shot the Barman? More like who should have deleted their betting app…) Well there’s no need to resign yourself to eating the leftover sandwiches from your office catering for the rest of the week, we know just where you should gallop to for a good feed that won’t break the bank. Fringe Bar | Fortitude Valley Not only does Fringe Bar dish up a whole menu of tasty eats to pair with their craft brews for under $20 every night of the week, they also offer some dinner deals that will feed you, quench your thirst and still leave you change from a twenty. On Thursdays, grab a juicy rump steak with salad, fries and a Fat Yak pale ale for just $18, while Fridays are parmy night, and $16 will get you a chicken parmy with salad, fries and a schooner of the same. Libertine | Petrie Terrace 2 for 1 BBQ duck crepes? Sounds like a quacking good deal to us! Between 5-6pm from Monday to Friday, you can order anything off Libertine’s street food menu and get a second dish free. Stopping by after work? Share some ‘popcorn’ eight-spiced chicken and pork spring rolls with enough dosh leftover for a cocktail! If you’re heading to a movie at The Barracks, the timing is just right to chow down on seared Japanese scallops and chilli garlic butter edamame, without even having to miss the trailers at the start of the film. Don’t pull a long face because you’re broke, there’s plenty of cheap eats in Brisbane to be had. Words by Rebecca Grady