Cheap Eats #25 | The Gourmand & Gourmet

Cheap Eats #25

Spent a little too much on pints and dude food over Grand Final weekend? Or maybe you blew your weekly budget filling the petrol tank and stocking up on junk food for a long weekend at the coast – and on ice creams and frozen cokes for the long hot car drive back. Either way, we’ll make sure you don’t have to survive on stale corn chips until payday with cheap eats in Brisbane. Kerbside | Fortitude Valley Kerbside’s dinner deals will have you spending even more nights in the Valley than you already do. They haven’t got just one cheap feed but two! Wednesday nights you can get two of their crispy chicken schnitzels with salad and fries for $16 (that’s $8 each if you can’t do the maths). On Saturdays, pull up a chair and tuck into two of their beef, cheese and slaw burgers with fries for $16. That’s $8 for a burger peeps. With fries. We think you should celebrate with a drink. Beach Burrito Co. | Fortitude Valley & West End Let’s taco-bout Tuesdays at Beach Burrito Co. If you and your amigos love tacos, then head down to the Fortitude Valley or West End restaurant and grab yourself a whole bunch of them for $3 a pop. No juan could resist buying more than one, not with spicy lime chilli garlic prawn, chilli con carne and cheesy haloumi flavours on offer. Bonus, if it’s the last Tuesday of the month? They’re only $2 tacos! Holy guacamole! You’ll even have change for sangria. Yes, you can afford to do them both in one week. Words by Moira Kennedy