Cheap Eats #21 | The Gourmand & Gourmet

Cheap Eats #21

What everyone warned you was going to happen, happened. You’re still recovering from the food coma of the copious amounts of Bertie Beetles and strawberry sundaes you consumed. You can’t get out of bed because you’ve picked up a dozen diseases from small children and carnival ride handrails. Your favourite jeans smell like they’ve been trampled by a flock of sheep. And you’re hella broke. Oh, the joys of the Ekka. When you’ve finally finished your showbags a few weeks down the track and still find yourself broke, we’ve got a couple of options that will be a whole lot better than dagwood dogs, and probably cheaper too. Communal Bar & Eat House When it comes to cheap eats, Communal really know what they’re doing, and not just one night a week. On Mondays, you can tuck into a juicy steak with chips and salad for $10 – just what you need after a long days work in the city (they also do jugs of beer if that’s not enough to tempt you).Then, on Thursdays, when the week is really starting to get you down, you can grab a burger (with some of the crunchiest chips we’ve ever eaten, may we add) and a beer for $15 and settle in for trivia night. You might even win some Communal dollars towards your next week of cheap eats! The Roman Empire Restaurant Mondays are even worse when you know you have to go home and spend an hour in the kitchen before you can have dinner. Which is why we’re very appreciative of The Roman Empire for making life ever so much easier by providing us with hearty Italian meals at 2 for 1 prices on Mondays. Take your pick from homemade crab cannelloni, mushroom and three cheese risotto, chicken saltimbocca – chicken breasts layered with prosciutto and bocconcini, or plenty more cheesy deliciousness, but just be sure to take a friend. You can’t live on showbag candy alone (we know, we’ve tried). Words by Sarah Nguyen