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Cheap eats #20

So you’ve just checked your bank account to find you’ve been robbed! Identity theft! But wait, you didn’t fall for the African charity e-mail scam again this year… Suddenly the realization washes over you like the cold shower you’ve had for the last two mornings thanks to a ‘forgotten’ (read: unpaid) water bill. Uni/work has really had you by the arancini balls lately, and you’ve been hitting the espresso martinis pretty hard in an attempt to beat the stress. Well stop counting the month left at the end of the money and put the tuna back in the cupboard. Actually, give it to the cat who is probably meowing around your ankles having had to fend for itself the past few nights. And then head out for some cheap eats in Brisbane. Workshop 14 | Hamilton Enjoy industrial elegance and half price pizzas at Portside, with a few cheerful brews to wash them down. Are you the carnivorous kind? Meat, Meat, Meat sounds like the pizza for you, topped with meatball, salami and epic amounts of cheese for the bargain price of $7.50. Or perhaps you’d rather something a little more gourmet chic to boost your foodie rep and make you feel better about all those 2-minute noodles? Chicken and camembert coming your way! The Pineapple Hotel | Kangaroo Point You’re covered for mid-week feeds when it comes to pub grub if you head to the ‘Piney.’ For a cool $10 enjoy burgers on Monday, pizza on Tuesday or parmies on Wednesday. Even after all that you’ll be cheering for the weekend on Friday with saucy wings just $1 each. Come to think of it, while you’re just a stone’s throw from the CBD you might as well head in for just one drink. It would be rude not to, wouldn’t it? Ooh is that an email saying we won the lottery? Words by Samantha McKendry