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Cheap eats #17

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So you’ve spent all your emergency funds in anticipation of the coming tax time windfall. Only it’s barely July and you haven’t even made an appointment with your accountant yet. Poor planning there, and you’ve still got to get through what is fast turning into the second silly season of the year: Christmas in July. What to do when you’re feeling hangry instead of festive and funded? Head out for some cheap eats in Brisbane, of course. International Hotel | Spring Hill Tuesday. For most, it’s the awkward day after Monday but before Wednesday. For food lovers everywhere, it also marks cheap Tuesday, delicious day of the cheap eats. International Hotel is one spot where you can feast for less on this auspicious day. Grab your last $15 and spend it on a burger and a beer at the International Hotel. With cheese and bacon loaded on the burger, and beers brewed right there in the Hipwood Brewery, you’ll feel like you’re being extravagant and still have enough left over for a second $5 beer! Super Whatnot | CBD What’s that in your wallet? Is it a fiver? Maybe a tenner? Well, Super Whatnot is here to save the day. Beating down the cruel and nasty Monday, they’ve come to your rescue with cheesy Wagyu sliders for $5, beer and nachos for $10, and premium spirits (the stuff on the top shelf that you can’t usually even afford on a good day) for $10. Maybe you’ll start the week off better than you thought! Now you can go back to planning what you’ll spend your tax return on. Words by Elissa Rogers