Cheap Eats #16 | The Gourmand & Gourmet

Cheap Eats #16

When the temperature drops, you probably find yourself spending all your dosh keeping warm – mostly with food. Warm apple pie, big piles of slow cooked brisket and stacks of pancakes call to you like a flame calls to a moth. Then there are the coffees every morning to wrap your freezing hands around. It’s like a hug in a mug. Plus you need a few new season jumpers of course – both to hide your growing food baby and stay warm in style. Before you know it, you’ve almost run out of dough and there’s nothing good in the fridge (even after the fifth look) to warm your belly with. Well you can grab your last bit of cash and run, ok, maybe power walk, to get your fill of cheap eats in Brisbane that will keep winter hanger at bay. Jahh Tiger | Milton Take your usually lame midweek dinner up a notch and visit Jahh Tiger. You’ll get to eat the best parts of Jamaica (the food and rum of course) without having to leave the country and all for pocket change. Wednesday nights are Voodoo Island nights, but don’t worry, because the only black magic here is what’s in their cocktails. Nothing beats their saucy $1.50 wings for heating up a cold night, especially not with four flavours to choose from! When you’re feeling the burn of those scrumptious wings, you’ll want to wash it down with a drink and the tropical flavours of the Rum ‘n’ Ting with lime, grapefruit and rum for only $12 is a pretty good way to voodoo the cold back into its place in our books. Saks Gourmet | CBD Tuesday is usually sad desk lunch day, with the last dregs of Sunday’s leftovers despondently shoved into a container and put into the office fridge while you contemplate your empty wallet. But why have dry roast chicken and veggies when there’s delicious cheap eats all over the CBD? One of our faves is Saks, whose budget Tuesdays swoop in, cape and all, to save you from that oh-so-sad lunch with their scrumptious Turkish subs just $6.60. With choices like grilled pumpkin with spinach, cheese, pesto and pine nuts or leg ham topped with cheese, tomato and pesto you’ll be the life of the lunch party. You might even have enough cash leftover to splurge on those winter boots you’ve been eyeing up all season! Words by Typhanie Vayro