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Cheap eats #15

Tuesday. It doesn’t get the bad rap that Monday and Wednesday do, but it’s still pretty damn depressing. Especially since you’ve usually spent all your dollars on the weekend AND whatever was leftover on cheering yourself up on Monday. Before you know it, all you’re left with is that frozen casserole in the freezer that you’re pretty sure has been in there since the Dark Ages. Well, you’re just going to have to beg, borrow or, well, maybe don’t steal, just get your hands on enough cash to feast on this weeks cheap eats in Brisbane. Heya Bar | Fortitude Valley Tuesday brings out the el cheapo in all of us, so why not make like it’s the weekend and head to Asian dive bar Heya for cheap cocktails and half priced street eats? Half price means you can get their epic cheeseburger spring rolls for $2 each. We’ll take 10, thanks. Of course, if a heart attack in a wonton wrapper isn’t your style, you could tuck into karaage popcorn chicken for $4.50, hickory-smoked edamame for $2.50 or tender sticky pork ribs for $4.50. All washed down with a cocktail, because at $12, you can afford a ginger beer, melon, lemon and sake Kaiju Attack at full price! Affinity | Paddington Skip the city bars that will charge you $25 for a single cocktail (seriously, what’s in there, liquid gold?) and take your notes to the ‘burbs instead. That same dollar amount will get you not one, but two cocktails at Affinity from Tuesday-Saturday until 7pm, plus an appetizer! Bar. Gain. Get it? Forget it’s a weekday and throw down a Kick Start of Cointreau, raspberry jam and orange juice, followed by classic mojito or French martini. Then feast on deep fried ravioli, duck and cucumber pancakes or veggie packed ratatouille. Don’t let Tuesday just be that day between Monday and Wednesday. Make it delicious with cheap eats in Brisbane. Words by Ranyhyn Akui