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Cheap eats #13

Those shoes you’re wearing today look good don’t they? The shoes that you just HAD to have? But now you’re hungry, aren’t you? Those shoes may have been worth it, but that stomach isn’t going to feed itself, and there is nothing but plain flour, tomato sauce and tuna in your cupboard and the light jingle of silver and gold in your wallet. Don’t worry, stow away the hangry feels for another day, we have you covered with our latest round of cheap eats in Brisbane. The Roll Shop | CBD Vietnamese street food store, The Roll Shop, has cheap eats for every day of the week, and all of them sure beat the universal broke meal of tinned tuna with crackers. Producing lunchtime feeds for less than $10, with servings that are surprisingly filling, you can keep the guilty shopper feels at bay for a little longer. Dishing up banh mi, rice paper rolls and vermicelli bowls to the masses for $7 a pop, you can rest assured The Roll Shop will provide you with flavour-packed goodness. Get your choice of BBQ pork, black pepper beef or even lemongrass tofu, all with loads of crisp veggies and pickled yums. Sonny’s House of Blues | CBD Just when the horrifying thought that you may have to eat the pair of shoes that you spent your entire pay check on creeps up, the peeps at Sonny’s House Of Blues come out with their Tuesday tacos. For those who had time to rummage through the car for spare change, you can get two tacos and a tinnie for $10. Taco-bout a bargain! Dive bar, musical haunt, and common hang out for fellow shopaholics, students, and genuine taco enthusiasts, Sonny’s usually serves up casual Mexican eats and rad tunes. Looking out for the cash strapped folk, Sonny’s tacos are nothing thing less than top notch, though if you wind up selling your soul to buy more drinks, it is no fault of ours. Who knew being broke could have this much variety, with so many cheap eats in Brisbane to choose from! Words by Sheldon Hikaiti