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Cheap eats #11

It’s getting to that point in semester where no doubt your idea of a home-cooked meal is two minute noodles, breakfast is cereal straight from the box (or nothing at all), and a nice glass of wine on a Friday night has turned into a goon sack. If the stress is starting to turn you into a hermit who can’t function without five energy drinks, and the prospect of seeing another cute food photo on Instagram has got you wondering what you’re doing with your life, don’t despair: we’ve got some soul food to leave the house for that will make good use of all the spare change lying around your share house. No No’s Lebanese | Red Hill Something of an institution for falafel fiends all over Brisbane, this place is never a no-no. Grab an authentic meat or vego kebab for less than $10 on Sunday when your head (and your wallet) is feeling worse for wear, and rest assured that all that organic and lactose free goodness is made fresh on site. A bunch of mouth-watering appetizers and salads are available to go, too. Get fed and bring some baba ganouj and tabouli home with you for a lunch that will keep you going longer, and taste better, than a soggy microwave pizza pocket. While you’re at it don’t forget dessert, the homemade baklava and Turkish delight are totally irresistible at $2 a pop. Trust us on this one: once you try a Kebbi Kebab (a crispy mix of lamb, crushed wheat and onion on a fresh toasted pita with salad, all smothered in tahini and hommus), those greasy, overpriced lamb wraps you get each Saturday at 3am from a dingy takeout on Brunswick Street will never satisfy you in the same way again. Carolina Kitchen | Coorparoo Hot damn, these dogs are good. Homebrand frankfurts between a slice of 85c white bread just won’t cut it anymore: Carolina Kitchen’s hot dogs, hoagies (belly-busting sandwiches) and burgers are the real deal. Chow down on a chilli dog with special chilli sauce and lashings of American mustard. Sounds simple enough, but it’s heaven in a handy-bun for just $5.95. Or get extra meaty and have your fair share of deli cuts with the Philadelphia classic hoagie: it has ham, pastrami AND salami, so there’s no need to decide which pork product is your fave. Top it all off with the ultimate finger food: buffalo wings with blue cheese dipping sauce, or slow-cooked BBQ ribs that will leave you licking your lips long after you’re done. Or splurge on a slice of pumpkin or key lime pie for a meal you’ll be day-dreaming about in lectures until at least week 10. Words by Kate Bethune Photo credit: Kang Leong