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Chai recipes that will spice up your life

Sup brew? It’s time we talked about chai. In Hebrew it means ‘life’. In hipster cafes, it also means life (with extra beard and probably soy). At home it could mean anything from a devilish pannacotta to a fantastic winter-infused vodka. The world of chai is huge and it’s easy to get lost when following your nose, so we’ve devised a chai-chart of zany recipes for you to chai (yes we went there). Chai Spice Pannacotta | Farm to Fork This would have to be the most indecisive (but utterly scrumptious) dessert we’ve come across. Chilled, lightly textured pannacotta – perfect for the summer months – is combined with warming chai spices and sweet roasted pear. You could eat it every day of the year and never be disappointed! Chai Creme Brûlée | The Sweet Art French desserts are super scrummy, and ridiculously tricky to make *cough, macarons*, but, this chai creme brûlée defies the French boundaries of impossible recipes. It’s doable and delicious. Grab your blowtorches my friends, it’s time to impress your mum with a chai-infused creme brûlée. Chai Spiced Buttermilk Pancakes | Joy the Baker Bon voyage to the days of boring packet pancakes. Joy welcomes you to the world of sweet, spiced, buttermilk pancakes. This adventure is best lathered in maple syrup and sprinkled with a generous pinch of cardamom. Chai Tea Tiramisu | Show Food Chef More like, tea-ramisu. This recipe turns the classic, coffee-soaked Italian biscuit tower into a chai-cookie-cream concoction that will (literally) hug you on the inside. There is something irresistibly comforting about biting into thick layers of chai and chocolatey goodness. Chai Pear Vodka | Manmade This is the beginning of a long, happy (and experimental) relationship with vodka. Infusing vodka is super easy; and with chai, lemon, honey and ginger beer, it is the ultimate therapy for a chilly afternoon. You’re welcome. If you have any daring chai recipes we’d love to hear about them. Hit us with your best pot. Words by Julia Hulbert