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Celery-brate in style with Milton Fruit Bowl

Olives and flowers and pears, oh my! With the feast-ive season well and truly upon us, you can almost hear that familiar crack of the bonbon and groan at the delightfully corny jokes hidden within. But let’s face it, there’s not mushroom left in the old sock drawer and it’s about time we treated the apple of our eye to something a little more special. Thankfully, the helpful peeps down at the Milton Fruit Bowl have us covered with Christmas hampers so fresh and flavourful they’ll leave your loved ones s-peach-less! Packed with locally sourced goodies like peanut brittle, chocolate coated nuts, plenty of fresh fruit and even some vibrant flowers, it’ll make their Christmas particularly grape! ‘Don’t bring a thing,’ is a phrase frequently thrown about by hosts that can leave us feeling berry anxious, as we can’t just turnip empty handed! It would be like we didn’t carrot all. Thanks to Milton Fruit Bowl we can return the flavour, with a custom designed hamper or something the master basket crafters have put together. Either way, you can celery-brate this season in the most deliciously nutritious way possible. So romaine calm this Christmas and give Milton Fruit Bowl a kale for all of your Brisbane Christmas hamper needs. With the freshest fruit, most vibrant veggies, and moreish morsels, their hampers really are the pear-fect gift for anyone from work friends to family. Orange you glad you can relax now? Words by Caroline Tully