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Celebrate Your Inner Italian at Festitalia

It’s no secret that a good chunk of us enjoy nothing more than spending our weekends face first in a large bowl of pasta.

Lucky for us, Festitalia is hosting a whole (get off the damn couch!) event for your favourite Negroni soaked, carb loaded, Nutella laced guilty pleasures on Sunday 8th October at Spencer Park in Newmarket.

Festitalia celebrates the 60th anniversary of the Italian Republic and is really the best excuse you’ll have this weekend to dunk yourself in the wares of over 30 flavour-maker pop ups promising authentic espresso, pizza, gnocchi, granita, Italian sausages and more. And by more, we mean eat delicious food the fastest and win stuff in the Cannoli and Gelato Eating Comps! (Obvs calories don’t count if you win)

In between food comas, feast your eyes on traditional Italian entertainment including the world famous Gruppo Storico Fivizzano Flag Throwers, and Tarentella Dancers. Or brush up on your woeful Italian in the Talk Italian Tent!

Not a Newmarket local? Fear not! Yellow Cab has your back with free shuttles to and from the festival from Wilson Station.

Words by Ashley Beith