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Carnivorous feasts under $20

There is a common tendon-cy to believe that enormous plates of ribs and sizable beef burgers are reserved for very hungry dads. Or football players. This is a myth. Generously proportioned carnivorous feasts are for everyone (except for vegetarians, of course). And when you can tuck into one for nothing but a couple of fivers? Even the vegetarians might just jump ship. *This venue is now closed* Corned Beef Sandwich | Bread & Meat Co | Fortitude Valley The age old philosophy of ‘quality over quantity’ is what shapes the Bread & Meat Co’s menu. We’re not talking entree-sized burgers – oh no. We’re talking a choice of 3 sandwiches, 3 salads and 3 sides. Continuously changing. All house made. Prepare yourself for a glorious food-baby when you bite into a New York style corned beef burger. Extra fresh (and rather large) buns filled with tender beef, gherkin aioli and juicy cabbage. All for some shrapnel at $8.50. Buffalo Wings | Tippler’s Tap | Newstead Eating buffalo wings can get messy. So we’d advise you not to wear your best white shirt to Tippler’s Tap when you head in for a buffalo feast of $10 wings. The seriously spicy wings with rich blue cheese sauce will give you sticky fingers and send you to gastronomic bliss. Especially paired with one of Tippler’s taps. Lamb Souvlaki | The Little Greek Taverna | West End The Little Greek Taverna is one of Brisbane’s most loved restaurants. Walking past without taking a bite of their scrumptious souvlaki is a HUGE mis-steak. Fill your senses with the fresh flavours of their lamb souvlaki: tender lamb – with a pinch of spice – fresh tomato, lettuce and thick Greek yoghurt – for $7.50. Bar. Gain. Pulled Pork Plate | That BBQ Joint | Milton Bringing the taste of Texas to our town, the smokey genii at That BBQ Joint have won-over Brisbanites with their epic range of smoked goods. And after 5 years of slaving over the smoker (and consuming a wicked amount of ribs), it’s safe to say they’ve mastered the art of BBQ-ing lamb ribs, buffalo wings and beef brisket alike. But we can never go past the $10 pulled pork plate. A solidly good feed. $3 Taco Tuesday | Beach Burrito Company | West End Can words really describe the happiness that comes with taco Tuesdays? Well, no. And although we don’t like to mince our words, we want all the mince we can get at Taco Tuesdays. Hit your tastebuds with flavoursome, meaty goodness dressed in a smart-casual corn shell. Devouring the whole lot will not make you shellfish – it’ll make you human. A very satisfied human. Grilled Lamb Ribs | Stokehouse | South Bank Are you stoked? We are. This bourbon glazed plate of grilled lamb ribs will have your insides celebrating. The tender meat falls right off the bone (and into your mouth, hopefully). And for just $15. They won’t just meat your expectations, they’ll go above and beyond. Pizza Meat Me Now | The Wickham | Fortitude Valley Meat jokes aside, The Wickham’s new menu is full of some pretty good pub grub that mixes Texas grilled steak, karaage chicken and Moroccan lamb meatballs. For the true meat lovers though, it has to be the most carnivorous pizza we’ve ever laid eyes on: beef, chorizo, ham and bacon, all smothered with cheese and chipotle sauce for the price of $17. And no. We will not share. Breakfast Churrasco | Toscani’s | Garden City Not a fan of avocado on toast? Do you bemoan the lack of pork belly in cereal? Then Toscani’s $20 weekend breakfast churrasco is for you. All the ham, glazed bacon, brekky snags and pork belly you can eat, with sides of hash browns, eggs, beans and roasted tomatoes joining the feast in an endless parade of food. You will not need lunch. You may not even need dinner. Have we missed any delicious deals? Let us know on our Facebook page – we’ll make like the mustard and catch-up! Words by Julia Hulbert