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Brisbane’s cosiest cafés to study in

“School life before life schools you.” - Gandhi

Whether you’re working your way through uni, TAFE, clown college or anything in between, it’s time to get off UQ Stalkerspace and into a vibey café with gallons of coffee and minimal distractions (although ordering three courses would be a devilishly delicious series of distractions).

Here’s our round-up of cosy Brisbane cafés to study in (or smash out that last-minute assignment in). Go get that high distinction, girl.

Brew Café & Wine Bar | CBD

If you’re after a literal study cave, Brew Café & Wine Bar has you sorted. Down a sneaky alleyway in Brisbane’s CBD, you’ll enter a dark little nook (perfect for some cheeky breakdown tears that you don’t want anyone to see) with long tables and lounges – if you’re the type to spread out all your papers and textbooks when you study. While you’re at it, lock down some mac & cheese balls, a healthy dose of cold drip coffee, and some kombucha when your ch’i falls out of whack.

Newport’s | South Brisbane

For those that need a bit of light in their lives during the crushing darkness of assessment time, make your way to South Brisbane’s sweet and sunny café, Newport’s. After skimming through one sentence in your textbook, line up for a sparkling grapefruit cold brew and, let’s say, two chocolate croissants? You’ve earned it.

Hunter & Scout | Graceville

Your patio away from patio is Hunter & Scout – Graceville’s lush green garden weaving between the minimalistic furniture of your most aesthetically pleasing dreams. Tucked away from the main road, your new fave study space has plenty of peace and quiet, iced coffee (with ice cream and cream, of course), and three cheese hash brown Benedicts. Scream and Scout.

Pourboy | South Brisbane

Missing out on this weekend’s sesh thanks to studying? Poor boy. Might as well get down to business in a beaut, well-lit South Bris café. Secure a long table, nab a seat by the window to watch the world pass you by, or tuck in to a juicy cheeseburger and a harmless espresso martini while you memorise what’s on those flashcards. All of the buzz, none of the wozzas.

Remy’s | Paddington

Although a banging bar by night, Remy’s knows how to tone it down during the day, making for the ultimate study spot. What’s not to love about sipping on a bacon bloody Mary while snacking on savoury mince on sourdough toast and catching up on lectures where the lecturer forgot to stand close enough to the mic so you can’t hear a damn thing they’re saying? Love that for you.

Goodness Gracious | Graceville

For the love of concentration, make sure you sit outside. Goodness Gracious’s courtyard is nestled under trees and serves the most wholesome suburban vibes, but also a whole lot of house hibiscus iced tea and strawberry and cream waffles. If you fail to get any work done, at least you did so graciously.

Just remember, once you’re all done with learning, you get to work for the rest of your life! Yay?

Words by Nicole Portacha
- the gourmand who only misses uni for the free food