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C is for Cookie (Dough)

Among the bustling crowds and fresh cut flowers at Eagle Farm Markets, brand new stall Doughy is launching an old all-time favourite – edible cookie dough!

For those cookie monsters out there who knead that dough, but can’t ignore that niggly ‘do not consume raw’ rule (as if we haven’t secretly been licking the spoon anyway), Doughy has answered your call.

The first of its kind in Brisbane (seriously, how has no one thought of doing this before), Doughy are dishing these (un)baked goods out at the Eagle Farm Markets every Sunday this August.

Made safe to eat, Doughy currently has two flavours ready to go, with more on the rise!

Doughy edible cookie dough Brisbane

For the vegans going green with cookie-dough envy, never fear for Doughy’s tantalising chocolate dough with yummy choc chips is egg free! With a dough made of vegan egg substitute and heat-treated flour, not only is it super yummy but animal-friendly as well (win win!).

Also blowing up on insta and the interwebs is Doughy’s other delightful flavour, vanilla dough with sprinkles and mini m&ms. There’s also rumours flying that peanut butter and gingerbread flavours may make an appearance in the not too distant future. We’re keen.

With plans to pop-up in other markets around Brisbane, it looks like this cookie won’t be crumbling any time soon. So if you’re hankering for that sweet sweet dough, be sure to hit up Doughy’s delicious store.

Nom Nom!

Choc chip Doughy edible cookie dough Brisbane